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Children’s Martial Arts

Why Mixed Martial Arts?

No two people are the same so why force the same style for everyone for every situation. Every martial art system has a different conflicting theories on the subject of martial arts and self defence. Often parents will invest thousands into their children enrolling them into a class because their friend/family was doing it and all along the child was meant to follow another path. Let them find their own path by studying all of the martial arts. This is not a theory it has been proven in the objective Mixed Martial art challenges to all systems destroying all myths and theories of the martial arts with hard data from these challenges. We only teach what is the most effective….. PERIOD. Real martial arts that work!

We focus on the basics and frame all of our Grappling genre classes off of Brazillian Jujitusu, the world leader in leverage based martial arts. We also have daily practice of various other of the most popular grappling systems including; Judo, Wrestling, Sambo and other forms of submission wrestling in every class. We also offer Striking genre martial art classes which we frame off Muay Thai, Takewondo, Karate, Boxing and discussion on the newest science of fitness,yet honouring the legacy of technique left to us through thousand of years of martial art traditional training doctrines. Do your due diligence and check us out ask our parents what they think. The difference that sets us apart is daily lessons discussing,peer influence, bully proofing, confidence building, relationship building, and nutrition.

One of the unique characteristics of our Programs is our “lessons for life” daily insight. For example this week we discussed taking responsibility what that means and we had an open discussion of how powerful and liberating it is as a concept to take control of ones life. We also have rules within the dojo, no-one is allowed to have negative self-talk as it will result in discipline. Language modification through trained and true discipline methods of the martial arts. These are the lessons that you will not learn playing other sports. We welcome you to come experience a class on us, or come speak to our parents about what positive changes we have made with our kids in our programs.

Our children’s Classes were full this year but because of the high demand we have hired staff to accommodate the request to have bigger class sizes. Come down and see if we are the right match. We have room and we start our children’s Classes at 5 years of age. Call us to book your free introductory session and orientation. Please see class schedule for more information.


Did you know that Kaiten MMA is cheaper then the industry standard? Please do your due diligence and compare prices of our tuition fees, contractual time commitment and our retail cost of our equipment. We understand how challenging it is for parents and we offer flexible rates and give back to the community by providing the same or better service for less.

Community Action

With our children’s classes we live by what we preach. In living this model we have several community action events throughout the year. In 2014 we have head out to help clean up the city in a spring clean up initiative and request for help by the local media. Jen and her family helped St. Vincent de Paul serve —-1000 Easter dinners — to those who needed them! Join us in our future events as these are great opportunities to create habits that will last a lifetime . Taking control of our local community. Not just kicking and punching and living the ideals we teach at Kaiten Mixed Arts Academy.

Here is some feedback from one of our community group sessions that we were contracted to in another city and what you can expect from our services.

“Learned lots. Gave me more confidence how to defend myself.”


“Had a blast. Thank you for putting it together.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed learning and practicing the blend of MMA and self defence moves. There was a good variety of movement and verbal instruction. The three hour session was the perfect amount of time to instill a comfort in the skills demonstrated and competition with others.”


“It was awesome and the kids enjoyed it so much!”


“I thought is was very useful for the children to learn about confidence, and how to present oneself to the world, which assists in friend making as well as deterring potential bullies.”

“I learned so much and had a blast the whole time. It was a great workout and a great lesson. Simple basic moves to get you out of a bad situation, stuff everybody should know!”