About Kaiten MMA

Northern BC’s premier mixed martial art academy located in Prince George BC. Curriculum consists of a structured system instructed by certified black belts, boxing and wrestling coaches.

At Kaiten Martial arts we have been successful in cultivating a Family environment and culture amongst our team built on three pillars of training at Kaiten Martial arts 1.) Saftey 2.) Fun 3.) Learning.  We have build a solid reputation on amazing workouts teaching REAL self defence orientated martial arts.  We have competition teams but our training environment is where everyone helps and supports each other in the learning process using strong fundamentals taught in language our age specific classes understand.  We are proud to present personal change using martial arts and fitness as the medium to match our balance of Mind-Body-Soul connection.

Haven’t you ALWAYS Wanted SKILLS like THESE?

Self Defence Skills

A modern approach to a new world. Offers real world defensive tactics designed to quickly develop your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.  We often have intermittent self defence courses planned with our community member such as our relationship with the university and college. We use our daily lessons as self defence with experience from controlled sparring with resisting opponents

Amazing Striking

We have had 3 boxing gyms run their business out of our Academy over the years but, we teach a  combination of the best of Muay Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo. Kicking, punching, elbows and knees, hybrid Martial arts.  One can expect daily footwork, body movements, bagwork, padwork, drilling, and more. We use a western Boxing with Oriental style kicking and could be described as Dutch style Kickboxing method.

Total Fitness With Martial Arts

If you would like to sculpt your entire body; boost your metabolism; lose fat; and have fun while learning an exhilarating new skill. These are all the benefits of training Martial arts which while de-stressing, one is; making friends, building confidence, and merging body, mind and spirit. It is truly a great way to enrich the quality of your life and invest in your health and well being.  REMINDER- most people do not join our martial arts  programs for competition but, they love the training and fitness with smart training at Kaiten MMA.

Grappling and Submission Wrestling

Brazilian 90% of all fights end up on the ground. Regardless of size or strength learn how to defend against a larger attacker. Use leverage, balance, and body positioning to overcome a larger, stronger opponent by the following;

  • escape any pin or hold down
  • avoid being tackled to the ground
  • totally control and neutralize an opponent
  • force an opponent to surrender (aka “tap out”)
  • and much, much more! Our Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program will help you develop your ground game for either self-defense or for competition (your choice!).

Karmjeet Manhas

Karmjeet Manhas, Head Instructor and owner of Kaiten Mixed Martial Arts was tested to Brown Belt by Don Whitlefield and is one of the Northern Affiliates of Westcoast Martial arts Association. Karm started off his cross-training including brazilian juijitsu from Murray Sholty and trained across Western Canada with many different teams and clubs including, Kamloops, Calgary, Edmonton and beyond while working while travelling alongside and under several UFC and Pride FC athletes . Karmjeet recieved his blue belt from Kyle Cardinal BJJ schools who is a Black Belt im BJJ and is recognized as the father of Jiujitsu in Edmonton Alberta.  Mr Cardinal is also one of the most experienced referees in Canada boasting over 1000 MMA matches officiated including the UFC.

  • Black belt Taekwondo
  • 1994 National Taekwondo Champion
  • Brown belt Brazilian Jujitsu
  • plus over 20 years! of Mixed martial arts experience such as the self defence style of Jute Keen do.
  • Mr Manhas owned his first Taekwondo school in 2001 and has trained/ competed/coached for almost 20 years of experience.