Welcome to the healthy alternative!

Yes… we offer private sessions for group and individual needs. Call us to book an appointment or to discuss a fee schedule that works to achieve your goals within your price range.

Yes we have had various groups of all types including  community events, school groups/field trips, employer team building and private groups that create a program that they are looking for with Kaiten Martial arts.

Yes we have several birthday parties every year with repeat customers for less then the cost of a movie. Healthy activities and lessons for life are included in allowing your children to become Ninja’s in a safe environment with their friends. We also have a classroom with desks and video games for snacks and cake afterwards also.

Here is some feedback from one of our community group sessions that we were contracted to in another city and what you can expect from our services.

“Learned lots.  Gave me more confidence how to defend myself.”  BD.
“It was awesome and the kids enjoyed it so much!”  JE.
“Had a blast.  Thank you for putting it together.”  DRT.
“I thought is was very useful for the children to learn about confidence, and how to present oneself to the world, which assists in friend making as well as deterring potential bullies.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed learning and practicing the blend of MMA and self defence moves.  There was a good variety of movement and verbal instruction.  The three hour session was the perfect amount of time to instill a comfort in the skills demonstrated and competition with others.”  LW
“I learned so much and had a blast the whole time.  It was a great workout and a great lesson.  Simple basic moves to get you out of a bad situation, stuff everybody should know!”  SK

Call us at 250-552-6310 or email us at Kaiten_mma@live.com