All experience levels accepted!

Kaiten Mixed Martial Arts offers multi-level classes for the whole family located in downtown Prince George, BC.  If you are  out of shape or never exercised a day in your life, our reputation with meeting your goals speaks for itself.  Our members love that fact that they are actually learning skills  that will last for a lifetime and not just acquiring fitness that will go away when you take a break from the exercise.  Our group fitness classes, coaches and trainers make it easy to stay disciplined to meet your goals.  If you goal are to become a fighter one day or just to get in shape in a fun way we are what you have been looking for.  If you are looking for a martial art program for your child we have a complete system that includes a character development program focusing on bully-proofing your child and raising their confidence.

What is MMA and why?  Kaiten Mixed Martial arts teaches a  system that is a complete study of the fundamentals consisting of several grappling and striking martial art systems. We teach a  hybrid of;  Brazillian Jui-jitsu, Wrestling, Thai Boxing, Taekwon-do, Judo, Boxing and more.  We are the evolution of martial arts and our teaching style is a modern battleground tested high percentage concepts taught in a traditional approach.   No two people are the same so we follow the philosophy of the martial arts that no one individual style is good for everyone.  We help you develop your own personal martial art style that works with your unique personal qualities by only studying is the most effective techniques.  We have met tens of people who joined a system of martial arts for years not knowing that it was not even their style!  With MMA, you find yourself in the martial arts…..your own path.

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2 New Fights have been added to the Roster! Check it out & #BeThereWithUs at #RITC58 #mma #yql #RumbleNation Get tix @ now!

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The CBJJF is excited to announce 3 special No-Gi invitationals to be featured at our 2018 Alberta and BC Provincial Championships this year. 8-person brackets, IBJJF Black Belt rules with the additio...

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Congrats to all of our members that have achieved their new belt promotions. We are super proud of our little leaders that are growing daily as we share the knowlege of the mind - body - soul connection at Kaiten MMA. ... See MoreSee Less

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Gabriel Varga x 5 time World Kickboxing Champion seminar series - Kids and Adult seminars.

Friday March 30th Stat holiday "Good Friday" Kaiten Mixed Martial arts Academy will be hosting Bellator Kickboxing and former Glory World Kickboxing Champion will be at our dojo in Prince George located at 185 Dominion Street, Prince George, BC.

Kids Seminar - Gabriel will be having a 60 minute children's Kickboxing seminar in the morning for a very affordable cost of 30 $ for an international superstar.

Adults Seminar - 3 hour / 2 x 90 minute with a break seminar in the afternoon, Friday Mar 30th- cost 100 $

Want some one on one time ? Gabriel will be available for private lessons for 50 $ for 30 minutes or 90 $ for 60 minute slots . Private time can be sparring or clinch sparring as well. Time Is limited so book early for Friday or Saturday time slots.

How do I register??

Please arrange pre-payment and register for the event with Karm Manhas by email or by number 2505526310
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Gabriel Varga 5 Time World Kickboxing Champion Seminar Series - Adult&Kids

March 30, 2018, 11:00am - March 30, 2018, 4:00pm

Gabriel Varga x 5 time World Kickboxing Champion seminar series - Kids and Adult seminars. Friday March 30th Stat holiday "Good Friday" Kaiten Mixed Martial arts Academy will be hosting Bellator Ki...

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Haven’t you ALWAYS Wanted SKILLS like THESE?

  • Self defence skills–Modern approach to a new world. Offers real world defensive tactics designed to quickly develop your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. Martial arts that work!
  • Grappling and submission wrestling–90% of all fights end up on the ground. Regardless of size or strength learn how to defend against a larger attacker. Use leverage, balance, and body positioning to overcome a larger, stronger opponent by the following;
    • escape any pin or hold down
    • avoid being tackled to the ground
    • totally control and neutralize an opponent
    • force an opponent to surrender (aka “tap out”) perfect for police/security/peace officers for negotiation
    • and much, much more! Our Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program will help you develop your ground game for either self-defense or for competition (your choice!).
  • Amazing striking–A MMA combination of the best of; Muay Thai, Boxing, Taekwondo. Kicking, punching, elbows and knees, hybrid Martial arts
  • Total fitness with Martial arts–If you would like to sculpt your entire body; boost your metabolism; lose fat; and have fun while learning an exhilarating new skill. These are all the benefits of training Martial arts which while de-stressing, one is; making friends, building confidence, and merging body, mind and spirit. It is truly a great way to enrich the quality of your life and invest in your health and well being.

We also offer Private classes and seminars, group events which are great for team-building and self defence specific needs contact us for more information.

After-school transportation program Registration opens Monday Aug 17th and we have open seats now, call to see if we can book your child’s school on our route.   After-school transportation program. We pick your child up from school and have daily healthy activities, snacks followed by homework and a martial art lesson. We are confident that no other program in the city offers the versatile lessons we assimilate into our children’s programs. “We are not a daycare”. Check out the After-school tab on this page or call us or email us for more information and details. 250-552-6310

You can’t keep waiting until you are “fit enough” to really get in shape!

At Kaiten MMA, we believe in cultivating a team environment where everyone helps and supports each other in the learning process using strong fundamentals. Check back at our page for news and discussions regarding all of your local, national and international MMA events and news. Keep your head up, chin up, eyes open and have fun! Do you want to know why MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world today? You have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN!